We are a team of leading corporate psychologists that provide a comprehensive set of evidence based business solutions. We work with clients on a global basis in both the public and private sectors.

We will help your business develop solutions that can increase creativity, well-being and productivity by up to 40%.

It is almost certain that any business can improve its bottom line very significantly.


Haddleton Knight’s commitment to you is to provide impartial advice drawn from published, commercial, applied science.  We will help you develop business environments that (a) provide a demonstrable competitive edge, (b) maximise well-being and (c) are simply better places in which to work. 


Strategic Executive Coaching

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The best business coaches are transformational. They bring qualified psychological expertise allowing talented individuals to fully capitalise on their potential. Haddleton Knight offer independence, impartiality and intelligence.

Chartered and Registered Psychologists are the cornerstone of our strategic programmes. Key to our approach is aligning coaching to the overarching aims of your organisation. A clear step-by-step process allows both the coached executive and the client to trace demonstrable changes in performance right through to the bottom line.

Our team use peer-reviewed, behavioural science to create trusted, ethical and reliable coaching relationships. Our person-centred approach helps each leader to understand the impact of their intellect, emotions and personal motivations on others and upon themselves.

We set this knowledge into context within the complexities of today’s work place.  This informs business options that include:

  • CEO coaching
  • leadership coaching
  • coaching for promotion
  • career goals coaching
  • advancing women in leadership
  • derailment behaviours
  • transition coaching
  • team coaching
  • when star performers struggle.

Leadership Development

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Based on the evidence that transformational leaders are made, not born, we help you create and develop a team set for long term leadership. Our tools and techniques are based on published evidence and built around authentic, relationship based leadership. Our leadership solutions are developed for specific situational fit and adapted to the strategic goals of your organisation.

To do this we:

  • clarify your strategic aims
  • help you meet current demands whilst preparing for future requirements
  • design specific, leadership programmes
  • implement solutions based upon the principles of authentic, transformational leadership
  • deliver on or off site to individuals and groups.

CEO and Board Effectiveness

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We have over twenty years’ experience of working with Senior Executives of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 organisations.  We also operate at the most senior levels of Government.

Our expertise extends to helping senior leaders develop organisational identity, cultural insight and the adaptability required within multi-national bodies.  Our bespoke approach works equally well within smaller-to-medium sized businesses and across wider groups of middle management.

To do this we:

  • clarify the Board’s strategic aims
  • assess the personal style, aptitude and motivation of each Board member
  • evaluate a group’s interactive style, its visible and hidden dynamics, its intrinsic aptitudes and shared motivations
  • identify the priority areas such as the elimination of unproductive behaviours and the promotion of more effective group decision-making
  • design and deliver solutions based on thorough analysis.

Succession Management

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We help you develop the right environment to explore the resilience and potential of your next generation of leaders.  We identify latent ability within your organisation allowing you to create a wider pool of talented prospects.  This means greater promotion from within and a subsequently stronger sense of culture, bonding and identity.

To do this we:

  • rigorously assess potential leaders
  • use a strengths-based approach to raise future leaders’ self-awareness and interpersonal understanding
  • prepare a detailed analysis of areas of strength, development and opportunity
  • review, with you, the programmes’ effectiveness.


Development Centres

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Development Centres run by Registered Occupational Psychologists allow participants to achieve deep personal insights through completing a range of specific developmental activities.  We will help you identify candidates for promotion, highlight who to watch in the years ahead and increase team bonding.  We provide immediate participant feedback, support and interaction. Development Centres highlight abilities and requirements whilst honing skills of direct relevance to the working environment.


We identify:

  • high potential
  • hidden talent
  • intrinsic motivators
  • team players
  • derailers
  • those able to work under stress
  • future leaders

A developmental report highlighting resources, milestones and objectives is usually requested.


Our understanding of psychological measurement gives a useful litmus test of people’s likely abilities, behaviours and personalities.   Understanding the reliability and validity of various psychological tools helps avoid stereotyping and badging. We only use British Psychological Society approved tools and tests. Psychometrics are frequently used in Assessment and Development Centres, but are also useful stand-alone tools in the hands of experienced psychologists who will always provide full, two-way feedback.

Assessment for Recruitment and Promotion

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Your people are your business. Good or bad, employees have the potential to build or shatter any company – a capacity magnified by seniority. It is our job to understand the appraisal of this most crucial business assets better than anybody else.

To this end we provide commercially experienced Registered Occupational Psychologists, chartered by the British Psychological Society. We understand the complex employment cycle and provide custom-made solutions for each client.


Interviewing is the most nuanced business art. We train Board members, influencers and decision makers in interviewing skills. We steer clients away from untrained unskilled interviewers towards qualified expertise. A major strength is our ability to maximise the amount of information drawn from each person. Skilled interviewers can reveal considerably more data than their less competent counterparts. Interviewing is a fundamental organisational tool across all business areas.

Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres are the fairest and most comprehensive way to assess people either before they join you, or once they are part of your organisation. They give current and future team members a range of opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities, whilst providing the most accurate method of evaluating corporate fit. Having profiled a job role, we directly test organisational skills with extraordinary relevance. In this way, pivotal business roles are filled using the most appropriate recruitment methods.

We select the most reliable tools available to identify:

  • interpersonal skills
  • aptitude and ability
  • team behaviours
  • performance under stress and pressure
  • managerial ability
  • critical thinking ability
  • creativity.

We provide an independent rating for each person so that best role fit may be ascertained. Face to face feedback, group assessment and individual reports can be provided to give delegates a comprehensive sense of ownership, inclusion and completion. Our Assessment Centres provide our clients with an independent benchmark of relevant skills within a company and across a marketplace.

We are in the global vanguard of workplace understanding.

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