Resources for work

Here are some of the books that have informed and inspired us.

Emma is currently reading the book Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice by Suzy Green and Stephen Palmer, and thoroughly recommends it.

Whether it’s superb scientific podcasts (we love the BBC World Service) or webinars with the Royal Institute, or our Psychological home (the British Psychological Society), we always take our science from the brightest, best, and most reputable sources.

In addition, Haddleton Knight’s CEO was recently featured on the HR Chat Room podcast by Jen Bell and Alison Brown, which provides listeners with thoughts on a range of people management topics. This episode discusses the subject of Authentic Leadership – what it means and why it is not as easy as it sounds – with the podcast’s hosts.

Listen here

Enthused by the scientific developments in neuroscience, leadership, cognitive and social psychology, our own learning and development never stops.