About Haddleton Knight

Enabling organisations to work in psychologically healthy and effective ways.

We’re corporate psychologists who have worked in a vast array of different working environments, finding workable solutions to the many complex people, process, relationship and task problems that all of us in the workplace face.

Resilience through the challenges we face

Humans are flawed, with wired-in bias that has to be acknowledged and overcome. We are emotional and rational, amazing, make great achievements, and create incredible outcomes. And yet we all fail at something at some time, and develop resilience through the challenges we choose to take on, or are placed upon us. We can feel incredible when we perform at our best, and yet perform terribly when we are tired, stressed and at our worst.

Corporate Psychology in your organisation

At Haddleton Knight we have built up our knowledge over the last three decades, whilst staying relevant and enthused by the scientific developments in neuroscience, leadership, cognitive and social psychology. There has never been a better or more informed time to utilise corporate psychology in your organisation. The evidence is always improving and expanding and we will always adapt with it to provide you with the most relevant solutions.

“Over the last three decades, we have built up our knowledge in neuroscience, leadership, cognitive and social psychology. ”