Eva Eldridge


Eva is a practicing social psychologist with specialisms in organisational behaviour, culture assessment, change and transition. She is both a Certified Executive coach, performance coach and a Systemic Team coach with expertise in supporting people through organisational or career change and enabling them to achieve high performance, especially in high-pressure environments.

She is highly proficient in the design, development and delivery of a wide range of customised programmes for learning organisations, focused especially on performance under pressure. Eva’s research (leading to a PhD degree) on virtual teams enables her to effectively empower teams to collaborate better. Her recent work in this area with hospitality sector teams, IT teams, and branding and advertising teams led to a much better collaboration and more effective communication in the teams. Current work with the RAF pilots is focused on enabling them to achieve better resilience, focus and performance under pressure.

Eva combines her deep subject matter knowledge of various psychological and neurological mechanisms with the ability to create space, warmth and empathy around individual and team core processes.

In her work, Eva is driven by the highest ethical standards of the psychological profession as well as adherence to robust psychological science and neuroscience. She has published widely in areas such as cognitive and neuroscientific aspects of learning, occupational burn-out, organisational citizenship behaviours and trust in leaders.

In her spare time Eva loves to play tennis, run, skate, ride horses and walk in nature. She used to be a competitor dressage rider and a dressage judge for a few decades.

Professional / Corporate Experience

Chief Scientific Officer in an aviation focused learning company

Performance Coach for RAF pilots

Director of a corporate business consultancy

Levels coached: high performing individuals, Management Team (coached both as a team and individuals), C-suite.


Chartered Scientist with British Psychological Society and UK Science Council

BPS Registered Psychometric User Level A & B for all accredited cognitive, personality, behavioural and leadership questionnaires

BPS Registered Psychologist

Accredited Systemic Team Coach

Accredited Executive Coach (Henley Business School)

International Coaching Federation Accreditation (in the process)

CBT therapist

SFBT therapist

Academia accreditations: PhD Candidate in Psychology, BSc & MSc in Psychology, Doctoral Level course in Social Psychology, Doctoral Level course in Health Psychology, BA and MA in Education and Teaching