From start-ups to dominant global brands, we understand your business and the people who make them.

Our experience is in supporting leaders to resolve short-term problems, as well as longer-term challenges. We provide short and long term professional interventions, from a matter of weeks, to a couple of years to create long term, lasting changes in performance in individual, team and organisation wide performance

Industry Experience

Energy, Pharma, Agribusiness, Financial Services, Professional Services,  Aerospace, Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport, Retail Media, FMCG, Hi-Tech, Fintech

Sector Experience

Private, Central Government (UK), Not-for-profit, SME, Military

Global expertise

We have had the extraordinary privilege to work with leaders across the globe in both developed and developing markets. We have global experience and global reach. We work in emerging and existing markets, including: Africa, South East Asia, Kurdistan, Australia, the UK, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, and both Western and Eastern Europe.

“Emma has provided me with executive coaching over the past 24 months. This has enhanced my overall leadership skills and has focused me; allowing me to operate far more strategically. The sessions have also provided me with the ability to approach and manage conflict with improved outcomes.”

Global Head of Operations at Marex Financial

UK Market

We support leaders close to home in the UK, and work with local and central government leaders in England, Wales and Scotland. We work with leaders in the charitable sector, as well as with start-ups and SMEs.

“I would highly recommend Emma to any currently successful professional that is facing new circumstances and wants to ensure they have all the support they need for continued success.”

Global Executive at Consumer Food Brand

Client Testimonial

Senior leader in a global energy organisation – the true value of coaching

There are more things I’m grateful for from our coaching interactions than I can capture effectively.

There are three key points that I continue to reflect on after our engagements:

  1. higher value on diverse perspectives and enabling skillsets;
  2. valuing and navigating relationship dynamics; and
  3. humility to know that I have blind spots.


Regarding diverse/enabling skill sets

A lesson is that I was seeing people’s support through a narrow lens of ‘benefit to executing tasks’, and not through the many other lenses (or values) that people bring, in this case, to enabling execution. The coaching helped reframe my internal dialogue of others through exploratory discussions. It also helped me see, through 360° feedback, how they were seeing me, which showed I was closed off and they questioned my intentions. Through coaching discussions, short targeted articles, and my engagements with key stakeholders, I came to understand the dynamics better and more so saw the need for and benefit of shifting perspectives and behaviours. The result was better, more productive relationships and ultimately results.

Regarding relationship dynamics

We had numerous opportunities over the last 1-2 years to reflect on ‘in the moment’ issues, either issues that had recently arisen or ones we could see coming within the coming days. This insight allowed us to explore the dynamics in the room, the issues themselves, and potential paths forward. We explored assertiveness, boundaries, leading in tough times, making connections, conflict management, political work environments, and many more. Coaching also helped kick off discussions on networking within our organisation with a more deliberate focus, which was also part of our close-out with my new supervisor.

Regarding blind spots

I do not think 360° feedback alone is enough to ‘see blind spots’. Through coaching I was able to digest the feedback properly, accept it, and then take action to grow where needed to address it. This came through constant reflection at the end of every session on the takeaways for the day and longer-term reflections after the sessions.

We also went though a value exercise and, although we did not dig very deep on it, we realised that there are various ways we come about having blind spots and it’s best to remain humble to the fact there are opportunities for growth.

Would you recommend coaching to your corporate colleagues? Why?

Yes, and highly so, because feedback and traditional leadership development (via classes & books) is not enough. The coaching dynamic, particularly when coupled with 360° feedback and check-ins, helps you see the opportunities for growth and also find the solutions that work for you. The coach never came out and said ‘this is the way’ or ‘this is the answer’ – it was always about self-exploration – the growth comes from changing behaviours, not just trying out different techniques.

“Emma is a skilled coach – approachable, perceptive and knowledgeable. She was always focused on the aims in hand and provided excellent, tailored background reading. Highly recommended.”


Chief Executive at Literature Works