Emma Haddleton

British Business Bank

Matthew Gill, Director 

” Emma brought a helpful combination of psychological insight and problem-solving tools to bear in a sensitive and practical way. It made a real and concrete difference to how I manage interactions at work, and the learning has stayed with me. ”

Emma Haddleton


Bernard Mercer, Chairman

” Invaluable coaching input that has helped our management and Board to develop, in a rapidly growing business. ”

Emma Haddleton

Arts Council England

Kate Offord, Literature Officer

” I found my coaching sessions invaluable in helping me to reassess what works best for me to get the most out of, and to give the most to, both my working life and my home life. ”

Emma Haddleton

British Patient Capital

Christine Hockley, Director

“My coaching sessions were relaxed, enjoyable and thought provoking with all insights backed up with research which I found beneficial.

“The sessions empowered me to experiment with and evaluate different management and leadership techniques in my day-to-day work which continues to benefit my overall effectiveness.”

Emma Haddleton

The Glass Lift

Kaye Welfare, Managing Director

” Emma is an excellent Occupational Psychologist and Coach, she is a pleasure to work with. ”