The new world of work

Haddleton Knight has been at the forefront of enabling organisations to work in psychologically healthy and effective ways, delivering evidence-based solutions that enable and empower individuals leaders, teams and organisations to perform at their best.

With over 28 years as corporate psychologists, we have a powerful combination of experience and wisdom across all market sectors and all stages in the economic and business life cycle. As behavioural scientists, we continually update our knowledge of the evidence on what works best for humans in any workplace.

Identifying the human characteristics that define cultural and operational change

Executive Leadership Coaching
Leadership Development
Leadership Team Development & High Performing Teams
Team Coaching and
Executive Assessment

We’re the people behind your people

We understand the complexity that global organisations operate in. We understand the needs and demands of small businesses and start-ups. We have supported not-for-profits and charitable organisations to become more productive and self-sustaining.

We understand human-centred leadership. Whether it is senior leaders in the public sector, or executives for global brands, we assess, support and develop the critical factors for leadership success.

Having used Haddleton Knight on a number of occasions over the last few years, we have always been delighted with the quality and level of service provided.


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