Haddleton Knight are at the forefront of global research into leadership, identity and performance.  This forensic expertise is at your disposal to positively affect your key performance measures.


Our assertion that we can increase your organisation’s performance by tens of percent is widely evidenced from peer reviewed publications. Yet support for today’s dominant methods of business leadership exists only as a proliferation of case studies.  Case studies amply demonstrate that managers agree with other managers that managers know best; they are no basis for adopting or changing a management style.  Applying science not fiction to your business methods has startling results.


Key organisational metrics

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How do you measure productivity in, say, an HR or Marketing department? It is difficult isn’t it? And even when you have decent charge-sheets or sales metrics, how do you know that your corporate leadership and workplace design are helping – rather than hindering – your success? Productivity has become a constant but imponderable question.

Costs Versus Productivity

As a consequence, businesses concentrate on saving costs, where agile, lean leadership is presented as productive. Sadly, evidence overwhelmingly suggests these methods lose billions annually.  At Haddleton Knight we know at least some of the answers.  This is our expertise.

We know how to measure leadership effectiveness.  This includes:

  • productivity,
  • happiness
  • effective intelligence
  • creativity.

We measure these things quantitatively using published, demonstrably accurate measures without relying on questionnaire (it is not possible to meaningfully measure productivity using a questionnaire).  Consequently, all our recommendations can be causally linked to your organisation’s bottom line.

We can help you avoid the toxicity inherent in many modern workplaces and management methods.  Better still, we will work together to help develop the most effective working environment for your business.  The best news is that a great workplace has no direct links to a large budget, or high design or anything that must be ‘agile’ or new.

Identity Realisation and maximum performance

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Haddleton Knight’s Founders have been at the forefront of global workplace research since 2003. The most dominant management philosophy of good working practice features a lean, clean operation. Here leadership is predominantly operation focussed, waste is an enemy and business logic drives the organisation’s output.

Yet science has universally highlighted that as with all animals, there is no advantage to putting humans into stark minimalist spaces. Confined to clean, lean offices we grow sick, suffer stress, bicker and tire. As with all animals, enriching our working environment increases all meaningful variables from health to financial outputs.

So an enriched, possibly high design, space featuring artwork, soft furnishings and plants ꟷ is demonstrably, scientifically and universally better than its Spartan equivalent. Here, management is parental, person focussed and frequently infantalising. Slides, ping pong tables and pool frequently feature as diversions. Whilst better, an enriched space is far from optimal.

Value and identity

Just a mouse would prefer to live behind a battered skirting board than in smartly designed cage, so humans prefer their own interpretation of space to somebody else’s. We perform much better in a space we create. This holds true regardless of the eminence of the designer, or the size of the fee. So by helping your colleagues to realise their own identities in their own spaces, Haddleton Knight can help your business to significantly improve organisational identity, job satisfaction and performance. Compared to offices run on lean and agile principles, we have improved – with published evidence – all these key variables by up to 40%. If together, we were to increase your business’s performance by even a fraction of this amount, how much might that be worth to you?

Led design not design led

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Until recently scientific investigations had failed to uncover any extra benefit in high value, high design solutions. Expensive and often beautiful workspaces performed – at best – no better and usually worse than spaces produced for much less money by the people at work in the space concerned.

Robust and consistent data indicate that what is considered to be best design practice is nothing of the sort. New research, led by Haddleton Knight, suggests that a psychological application of design expertise can have astonishing results. We are investigating ‘led design’.

Led design

Working with clients, we are applying design in a subordinate capacity. This means that teams inculcate design ideas rather than seeing them presented – with more or less consultation—by an expert.

Robust evidence to date suggests that ‘design led’ solutions are an inappropriate use of often quite superb skills. By placing design at the heart of the working team – like an engine – rather than having design drag the process from the front – like a horse – we are finding powerful organizational performance differences. We would be delighted for you to benefit from this cutting edge work.

Work with us

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We have run projects with clients ranging from a lunch and learn to a two-year multi-national, multi-university study that has informed television programmes, driven lectures and generated considerable kudos.

Please take advantage of;

  • Consultancy
  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Staff and management training
  • Lunch and learn seminars
  • Short term research
  • Longitudinal research

Everything we do is done to the most rigorous, peer review standards.  This is your guarantee of the highest levels of excellence. At Haddleton Knight we know what to measure, how to measure it, how to maximise it and how to implement interventions on our client’s behalf.  These skills are at your disposal

We are in the global vanguard of workplace understanding.

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